Environmentally Friendly

The Marine Flex unit is suspended in the water column eliminating any disturbance/degradation to any aquatic environment

Professionally Designed

The cornerstone in the development of Marine Flex was to have it professionally engineered, tested and underwritten by a third party

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Marine Flex is constructed with ultra-high polymer corrosion resistant plastics and rubber products

Space Saving

Marine Flex is used regularly in high density mooring areas to minimise swing circles

Simplicity of Operation

All Marine Flex parts are componentised , very easily flat packed for shipment and assembly

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Construction Specifications for Marine Flex

A Marine Flex Mooring will withstand severe weather conditions and has good resistance in both freshwater and salt water environments, and has an unsurpassed ability to safely resist wave motion. A Marine Flex Mooring does not affect sensitive sea-beds and requires very low regular maintenance. Marine Flex is one of the safest mooring systems on the market and is already used on wave attenuators, buoys, floating pontoons, aquaculture farms, moorings and designed for use in marinas as well.

The unique construction

which allows our Marine Flex Mooring to slowly stretch to twice its length and then return to its original length in a smooth, calm movement – in combination with initial pretensioning, provides progressive resistance to both horizontal and vertical wave motion. A pontoon anchored with Marine Flex is never passive to the sea, but instead offers firm resistance that substantially reduces wave movements.

Our Commitment

Marine Flex is one of the most advanced mooring systems invented in New Zealand for the world market. Understanding the limitations from installing standard mooring systems over a 30 year period, the inventor Mike Baker has drawn on his experience to develop an alternative yet environmentally friendly mooring system – Marine Flex.

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What is so unique about Marine Flex?
Environmentally friendly alternative to chain.

Ideally suited for the corrosive salt water environment.

Made of 15% protected metals (galvanised) and 75% of non-corrosive materials.

Less corrosive components to replace at inspection time, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Marine Flex units do not make contact with the sea floor therefore NO degradation of the seabed and marine life surrounding your mooring.

Passive elasticity up to 100% elongation to reduce shock loading common with chain moorings.

By Pass system to prevent over loading of the rubber cords.

Standard Marine Flex units will hold 25 Tonne to 35 Tonne.

Custom Marine Flex units have been made to hold up to 60 tonnes.

Finalists in 3 categories for the NZ Innovation Awards

September 11th, 2017|0 Comments

Time to Celebrate!! We are happy to announce that Marine Flex are the finalists in the NZ Innovation Awards in 3 categories. Innovation in Agribusiness and Environment Innovation in Sustainability & Renewable Energy [...]

Marine Flex Unit Installed at Lochmara Lodge in The Marlborough Sounds

June 22nd, 2017|0 Comments

Marine Flex unit has been installed on a glass bottom boat (underwater observatory) at Lochmara lodge; the observatory is permanently moored at Lochmara, with plenty of standing room and windows on both [...]