Marine Flex is the latest development from the N-Viro® group who have had their Roots in the design, installation and servicing of the Marine Industry for over 30 years.

Mike and Donna Baker have an extensive history and experience installing foreign elastic products and have used that knowledge to develop a wholly NZ designed, engineered and peer reviewed elastic rode system.

The Marine Flex units have already proven to be superior, more adaptable, reliable and offer a greater size range as well as addressing the short comings of other systems in the market today.

  1. Having had all components mechanically tested to destruction by highly respect third party laboratories
  2. Having been put through cyclical testing design to model storm and spring tide events
  3. Having been field tested in challenging marine conditions for over 5 years
  4. Impervious to electrical currents from rubber movement
  5. Easily scale able to large loads
  6. Highly durable
  7. Backed by professional engineering and Professional Indemnity insurance
  8. Componentised for efficient freight and also simple installation and servicing
  9. Extended service life

Marine Flex aims to deliver elastic rode solutions through R & D, efficient manufacture and high level quality assurance. It is always our desire to be the leading preferred supplier in any market we operate in. This also provides our stakeholders with pride and great value when using our equipment.

Meet Our Team

Mike Baker
Mike BakerTechnical Director
Mike has 35 years experience in the Marine Industry. Mike loves diving – his range from recreational diving to saturation diving to depths over 200 metres.
Donna Baker
Donna BakerManaging Director
Donna had 40 years experience in Marine Industry starting in 1976 when Donna became involved in recreational diving, boating and soon after leased and then owned Paua quota prior to the commercial diving era, when Donna and Mike began their own commercial diving company.